Thursday, June 4, 2020

    The Kenyan Defence Forces continued attacking and destroying Hormud Telecom branches

    The Kenyan Defence Force has continued attacking and destroying Hormud Telecom branches near Kenya-Somali border

    Global Somali Diaspora (GSD) is joining others in condemning to the strongest possible terms against this deliberate targeting attack towards Hormud Telecom and its staff inside Somalia’s Soil.


    It is really a nerve-wracking development that Kenyan Defence Force are coming to the Somali soil in Gedo region to attack and destroy the Hormud Telecom property, killing and injuring its staff and cutting off the livelihood of many civilians in the region without fearing the consequences.

    Jawaahir Daahir (BEM), Chair of Somali Global Diaspora said: “Somali people are grateful to the Kenyan Government in joining the AMISON Army to help secure the safety and rebuilding of Somalia’s security force. However, it is clear that these attacks have been continuing for couple of years now and not only damaging the Hormud Telecom Communication Branches in Gedo Region but also killed and injured staff of the company which is absolutely an offensive act”.

    Attacking the property of Somali businesses and its staff inside Somalia is attacking the Somali’s sovereignty and one should not tolerate it.

    Some reports stated that Kenyan Defence Forces hanged two Hormud Telecom staff and burnt all the company’s property which is barbaric and cruel.

    Jawaahir Daahir (BEM) added: “We are welcoming the intervention of Somali Federal Government and dialogue between the two governments in relation to these incidents. We ask the Somali Federal Government to send a clear message to the Kenyan Government that they need to stop terrorising our businesses and people in the Gedo region”.

    Such practice harbours and feeds in the terrorist’s groups in the region that already exploiting the lack of strong Somali army in the region that can defend its territory and people’s property.

    Hormud Telecom is one of the largest employers in Somalia and it has been an instrumental model that offers a significant communication system to the Somali people living in the region and connecting them to the rest of the country and world.

    Jawaahir Daahir (BEM) added: “Hormud’s charity arm provides vital and needed humanitarian assistance to Somali people across the country including emergency services, support for disable people and hospitals, people affected by the terrorist attacks and humanitarian disasters. Therefore, attack on Hormud’s property and staff should be seen as attack on all of us.”

    We demand that Somali Federal Government put this into their highest priority and work harder with Kenyan Government to stop those attacks on our businesses and people inside the Somali territory.

    Warar Xul ah